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Barbaro Baez Alvarez

Barbaro Baez Alvarez was born on September 5th, 1987 in Havana, Cuba, and moved to the U.S. at 15 years old to live with his father. He is currently happily married to his wife, Yasmin A. Betancur Perez, and with whom they have a beautiful daughter named Emily Baez Betancur. He is a person who considers himself kind, intelligent, hardworking, and persevering.
Barbaro went to Matter High School, graduated in LaPorte High School with honors and studied mechanical engineering for industrial technology at Perdue University North Central for a couple of semesters. At the age of 17, Barbaro got into a juvenile crisis stabilization unit in a hospital called Resurrection in Chicago, Illinois, and was diagnosed with the Bipolar Disorder Illness. Later on, after he arrived at the United States in 2002, was able to accomplish an associate degree in science (cum laude), a bachelor’s degree in digital design and graphics (magna cum laude), and a master’s degree in visual communication (summa cum laude) at Hodges University.
Barbaro has been working at NAMI Collier County since 2013 where his position is Outreach and Graphic Designer Specialist. With his Florida Certification Board as a CRPS (Certified Recovery Peer Specialist), he has been able to share his recovery journey and promote hope and support to the people that can identify themselves with his life’ experiences.
Barbaro shares in his book how he found God, and how this has impacted his way of thinking and seeing the world that we live in. Even though he knows that he isn’t perfect, he considers himself a man of God and seeks to prove God’s existence in his writings.
Barbaro has always had a yearning to write a book that allows him to express his opinion about life and some experiences he had in the course of it. He took notes during his life and decided to share it with people who decide to read the book.
Barbaro would like to place a seed of hope in the heart of everyone that reads his book, so they begin to seek for their purpose and meaning of life. He also would like to create positive mental health awareness and educate others about the impact that mental illnesses can have in our life. His biggest wish is that everyone that reads his book will be greatly blessed with the two powerful testimonies that he shares in it. His experience while seeking God, and his mental health recovery journey.



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